Analysis of the Effect of Speed ​​Variations on an Automatic Fried Rice Fryer Arm Machine Using Arduino Control


  • Dianita Wardani Politeknik Caltex Riau



This automatic fried rice friying machine uses arduino control ang given a speed variation. This machine consist of motor as the main mover. The main motor works as a drive for the stirring arm that is made specifically with stainless steel  which is  driven by a DC motor. The stirring arm is designed to stir the  rice directly in a single process. The plot to make fried rice on this machine is to put oil, rice and other supplementary ingredients after all the ingredients are installed then turned on again, then choose the speed by turning the potentiometer part in accordance with the desired speed, after changing the speed, 2 push buttons are provided. yellow colored works as 1-way stirring and the blue one works as 2-way stirring and has a delay of 10 seconds. This machine can stir full rice from 0.5 kg to 2 kg rice mass. The optimal process of cooking rice with a load of 1 kg takes 8 minutes. The optimal cooking process for rice weighs 1.5 kg takes 10 minutes. The optimal process of cooking rice with a load of 2 kg takes 13 minutes. The greater the burden and mass of the fried rice, the time for stirring and cooking the rice also takes longer.