Motorcyclist Sleepiness Detection System Based on Human Brain Wave Sensors


  • Riyant Irawan Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang



Accidents in Indonesia are caused by several factors including humans, vehicle factors and environmental factors. The human factor is the factor that causes the most accidents at 61%. Drowsiness while driving is one of the causes of accidents. This could potentially be prevented by electroencephalographic sensor technology (EEG). EEG signals can measure the activity or function of the human brain and are able to provide information about a person's mental state. This study aims to record a person's EEG data and will give a vibrator motor warning when the subject is drowsy. The sensor used in this study is the Think Gear ASIC Module (TGAM). Arduino nano functions to process input so that it becomes the desired output. This system has a special function, namely eSense. Esense is Neurosky's proprietary special algorithm for generating brain waves. The parameters used to determine whether someone is sleepy or awake are the percentage of attention and meditation. This research produces the highest accuracy of 94%, the average accuracy of 88%.