Monitoring Posisi Rombongan Pengendara Gowes berdasarkan GPS Smartphone


  • Catur Suryadiwa Politeknik Caltex Riau


Gowes is a sport cycling activity in groups. Each cyclist has a different position while on the trip, there are those who are far away from the other groups that are also nearby. In order to be able to direct the group, the head of the gowes group must be able to monitor the position of its members. To carry out the monitor, in this study an Android application was made using Android Studio where the database will be created for members who use their username and password. The database here uses phpMyAdmin. This database contains information about the chairman and members. When the chairman and member log in using the username and password based on the existing database, then the chairman will go directly to the google maps display while for members when logging in the position will be seen on the chairman's google maps display.