Implementasi Live Streaming H.265 Studi Kasus Live PCR


  • Rizky Prayoga Witjaksono Politeknik Caltex Riau


The implementation of H.265 live streaming is a solution to the problems that are experienced at this time. This implementation is a way to conduct a live streaming process with bandwidth and bitrate consumption which is much smaller than the previous technology but with better image quality. H.265 is the latest codec technology for video compression which consumes 50% bandwidth lower than previous technology, namely H.264, but with HD image quality which is far better than H.264 technology. By using VLC software which has supported to build an implementation of live streaming with H.265 codec technology, this implementation will be built on live PCR using an internet topology where there is a server that can be accessed directly or real time by the client. The result will be much better throughput when using H.265 video input compared to H.264 using only one client with a throughput value of 2.24 Mbps, and delay 5.19 ms. And also the HTTP protocol that is used will greatly affect the value of packet loss which does not have a packet loss or equal to 0%.