Rancang Bangun Wideband Amplifier Untuk Penguatan Level Daya


  • Azhar Anwar PCR


The wideband amplifier circuit is an electronic amplifier that provides constant reinforcement with a ratio of low frequency to high frequency. In this study it is able to increase the signal power level that operates at a frequency of 100MHz-950 MHz. The voltage given to this circuit is 9V-12V. In research this signal amplifier operates on a class C amplifier using 1 transistor that only works on a positive phase. To increase the maximum power, set the inductance and capacitance according to the desired frequency variable. Based on the data obtained from the test results showing the measured power level when the circuit is turned on has a signal level of -29.46dBm with a gain of 6.35dB at the 900MHz frequency. This power level strengthening test also occurs when the frequency used is at the 100MHz-950MHz frequency. The results of these measurements indicate that the tool being worked on can signal properly.