Perancangan Dan Implementasi Filter Pasif Emi Untuk Mereduksi Conducted Emission Pada LED Driver


  • Ody Rifandi Politeknik Caltex Riau


The development in the field of lighting is increasing with the many types of lights that circulate in the community with varying prices. The lights that are widely used by the public are energy saving lamps (LHE) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lamps. LEDs produce energy that is more efficient than conventional light sources, because it uses Switched mode power supply (SMPS). SMPS can produce efficiency up to 80%, but it can cause harmonics because SMPS uses non-linear components which are one source of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). In this research, the design and implementation of the EMI passive filter on the LED driver of the 15 watt LED lamp is designed to reduce the conducted emission noise that is used is a passive filter EMI LPF with circuit topology π. Before installing the filter, the conducted emission noise that has been measured exceeds the CISPR 22 class B regulatory standard reaches 82.5 dBµV, but after installation of the filter, the emissions that are conditioned in a 15 watt LED can be muted well and are more effective at a frequency of 150kHz – 1,5MHz with an average value of emission condensed at 36.96 dBµV and the maximum attenuation value is 34.7 dBµV.