Perancangan Electric Field Probe untuk Pengujian Radiated Emission


  • Asni yati Politeknik Caltex Riau


Electromagnetic radiation produced by electronic devices can interfere with and damage itself or electronic devices around it. As a result of electromagnetic radiation has created a need for measurement of electric fields in the free space, there are two types of radiated emission tests, namely full compliance and pre compliance. Before conducting full compliance testing, it is recommended that you conduct pre compliance testing first to avoid unwanted surprises from the device during testing. In this study the author designed an electric field probe to determine the EMI power level specifically the electric field of electronic devices, radiated emission testing was carried out in near field conditions. The electric field probe was designed to measure radiation emissions at three DUTs (EM demo board, PABX, and LED driver). The results obtained from the three DUT probes work in accordance with the desired working frequency of 100-1000 MHz. The difference between the electric field probe design and the reference field electric probe is small, namely 0.37% and 9.09%. Keywords: radiated emission, dipole probe, electric field probe