Analisa QoS video live streaming pada jaringan hotspot Politeknik Caltex Riau menggunakan metode WDS


  • Fitri Hidayana PCR


Live Streaming technology is almost the same as video streaming, except that the data used is directly sourced from television or cameras that are real time. Live Streaming requires a live encoding process. The video streaming technology used is a special video streaming technology called live streaming. For that, it is necessary to make a live streaming using a smartphone by utilizing the hotspot network Caltex Riau Polytechnic uses the same SSID for all access points and WDS as repeaters, the connection method uses the MAC Address of each proxy that is used to connect between access points. The QoS parameters to be measured are throughput, jitter, delay, packet loss. The parameters observed during the measurement were TCP protocol, namely delay and throughput. To analyze the QoS parameters when streaming using wireshark. From the data obtained in accordance with the standard version of TIPHON where the delay value of WDS is better than the value of delay using wifi, that is the average value of WDS delay of 3.521 ms while the average value of wifi delay is 8,192 ms and the average throughput value is WDS 2.1391 Mbps while the throughput wifi value is 0.9633 Mbps.