Analisa QoS (Quality of Service) Video Live Streaming Pada Jaringan Hotspot PCR Menggunakan Metode CAPsMAN


  • sofia safira politeknik caltex riau


Live streaming is a technology that is widely used in TV providers for live broadcasting. over time, the nature of the user is also more likely to be mobile. For this reason, we need a way to make mobile-based live streaming using an internet network that has a wide coverage area. By utilizing the Caltex Riau Polytechnic campus network, implementing the same SSID for all access points and using CAPsMAN as a network manager are expected to be able to overcome this. The same SSID will expand the wireless coverage area and make it easier for users to switch access points without having to log in again. While CAPsMAN as a network manager can control centrally for all access points in one device. In addition, CAPsMAN can monitor who is on the internet. The QoS parameters to be measured later are throughput and delay by comparing using CAPsMAN and without CAPsMAN. From the results of these measurements obtained by using CAPsMAN the average delay value is 14,867 ms and the throughput value is 0,540 Mbps. While those without CAPsMAN obtained an average delay of 20,206 and a throughput value of  0,332 Mbps.