Implementasi Network Audit pada Wireless Distribution System (WDS)


  • Yohanna Theresia Sigalingging Politeknik Caltex Riau


The need for computer network usage continues to increase which installed installed network systems become complex. More and more internet users cause the internet to slow down. Computer network monitoring is very important to make it easier for network administrators to manage and manage a network system installed. Not only makes the internet, but also improves network administrators must be able to improve network security. To find out the cause of the slow internet, monitoring is needed. Monitoring the internet network Required software (software). Software that can be used to update the network is Cacti, The Dude, OpenNMS, Ntop and so on. In this final project, monitoring the network in Wireless Distribution System (WDS) uses Ntop which uses a connecting device, namely, micro-traffic flow. The final results of monitoring the average client access time 2 hours 18 minutes 18 seconds, the port that is often accessed port 5678, applications that are widely used HTTP with an average of 58.55%, the protocol that is often used UDP, the average of the total bytes (total traffic) 4.72MB with an average throughput of 7.5 Kbps. Keywords: Monitoring, Wireless Distribution System (WDS), Ntop, Mikrotik Traffic Flow.