Analisis Model Propagasi Indoor Dominant Path pada Frekuensi 1800 Mhz Studi Kasus Gedung PCR


  • Ananda Putra Dasmito PCR


Abstract Related to development of technology, the need for a communication system will increase for example in PCR building. But some users still often get poor signal quality. Therefore this final project will analyze a propagation model that is useful for representing Pathloss values ​​in PCR building. Which can be a recommendation to providers for the development of 3G networks in PCR building environment. Pathloss can be determined based on recommended propagation model. In this research, the measurement of 3G signal strength in PCR building and obtaining the measurement pathloss value with drive test method will be the benchmark value for the method pathloss value by using Indoor Dominant Path propagation model. Pathloss results obtained will be compared and analyzed to determine whether the Indoor Dominant Path propagation model can be applied to represent the pathloss value in the PCR building. Based on the results obtained, the average pathloss value of the Indoor Dominant Path propagation model is smaller than the average measurement pathloss value, with MSE (Mean Squared Error) each floor 1 is 11.94, 2nd floor is 14.76 and 3rd floor is 14.99 where the smaller the MSE value, the more suitable for a model to be applied. Key Words: pathloss, Drive tes,t Indoor Dominant Path propagation model, MSE (Mean                     Squared Error)