Analisis Perencanaan Perluasan Coverage Area LTE Di Kecamatan Rumbai


  • Denny Saputra Politeknik C;tex Riau


Rumbai District is a developing sub-district in the fields of industry, education, shopping and housing, and has potential tourist destinations. The need for voice and data communication services is needed in this area. Where the condition of the LTE network in this area still has problems with blank spots, poor signal quality and slow throughput. To overcome this problem, an LTE network expansion plan is needed. Expansion planning is carried out using two scenarios, namely LTE (FDD) at 1800 MHz and LTE-A using a carrier aggregation method at 1800 MHz and 850 MHz combined with SFR. In conducting expansion planning, an analysis and simulation is carried out using Atoll 3.2.1 software. In this Final Project, after the expansion planning, an increase in the area of ​​coverage is 118.87 km2 (95.25%) with quality that meets KPI standards. The simulation results of the expansion of the coverage area using LTE (FDD) obtained the number of sites as many as 30 sites, an average RSRP of -72.53 dBm, an average SINR of 18.02 dB, throughput of 18.96 Mbps, and user connected 81.7% . Whereas LTE-A (Carrier Aggregation) and SFR obtained a total of 26 sites, an average RSRP of -63.29 dBm, an average SINR of 23.5 dB, throughput of 24.52 Mbps, and user connected 87.3%.