Perancangan Indoor Localization Pada Jaringan Bluetooth Low Energy


  • Gideon Evander Panjaitan


Positioning system technology is a communication technology that developed rapidly. In addtion to developing of positioning system technology, also developed infrastructure such as multi-storey buildings that have many rooms, so it can be difficult for visitors. To resolve the problem, then needs a localization technology which approriate insde the building called indoor localization technology. Indoor localization technology have high accuracy inside the building using Bluetooth Low Energy as an access point. The problem is when the bluetooth impmented on a room that have barrier like wall, the Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) will decreased. This research will be in Lab 234 Politeknik Caltex Riau using algorithm K-NN with compared to the methode of Euclidean Distance and Manhattan Distance. The method comparison result is shown that Euclidean Distance have a high accuracy which is 90% with 0.4 m difference compared to the Manhattan Distance method with 80% accuracy with 0.84 m difference distance. Keywords: Indoor Localization, K-NN, Euclidean Distance, Manhattan Distance, Bluetooth Low Energy