Analisis Eksponen Pathloss Menggunakan Metode Log Distance Pada Kampus Politeknik Caltex Riau Untuk Jaringan LTE


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Pathloss is losses that occur along the propagation pathway caused by differences in the level of power received by the antenna receiver to the level of power emitted by the transmitter antenna. Pathloss is caused by many factors such as building, soil contour, and distance between transmitter and receiver. Pathloss Exponent is a parameter n on pathloss that has a strong effect on the decrease in the quality of a signal, so it is necessary to analyze the exponent pathloss (n) to determine the quality of the network in an area type (Urban, Suburban, Rural) because of the signal barrier to be received. For this reason, accurate track losses are needed for the efficient design and operation of a strong wireless network. In this research, the calculation and analysis of the value of pathoss exponents were carried out. Data retrieval is done using the drive test method using the Samsung S5 as a signal receiver integrated with TEMS software. From the results of measurement data, plotted into Mapinfo software to get the pathloss value obtained from the measurement results, and will be processed to obtain the pathloss exponent value of the distance function and environmental conditions that can affect the received power level. From the results of measurements and calculations, the value of the pathloss exposure in the main building cluster is 0,83, in the canteen cluster 1,18 and in the Gedung Serba Guna cluster 1,33.