Miniaturisasi Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antena Untuk Aplikasi TV, WiFi, dan Cellular Pada Frekuensi 500MHz - 2.5GHz Dengan Metode Metamaterial


  • Wichika Awany Satira Politeknik Caltex Riau


The development of wireless communication and technology today is inseparable from the antenna. Such technologies include TV, WiFi, and Cellular, which require variations of antennas that are inexpensive, lightweight, small and can also work as needed. The results of this study are miniaturization of an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) antenna with a working frequency of 500 MHz-2.5GHz using the CRLH metamaterial method. The application of metamaterial techniques to antennas can reduce antenna dimensions by 31.02% from the previous antenna design. From the measurement data obtained working frequency of 0.576 GHz - 2.89 GHz. There was a slight shift in the value of the working frequency compared to the simulation time of 76 MHz. However, at the frequency of 1,093 GHz - 1,207 GHz, it experienced a slight increase in the value of the return loss and the value of VSWR so that the value of the bandwidth produced on this antenna did not reach 2 GHz as previously simulated. And the resulting radiation pattern is Omnidirectional