Rancang Bangun Penggerak Pointer Pada Layar Proyektor Dengan Menggunakan Kamera 3D


  • syafr iyal


HCI (Human Computer Interaction) is the interaction between humans and computers and design technology that enables humans to interact with computers in new ways. Especially in the field of presentation, humans are not near a computer to move one menu to another menu. With the development and use of technology for virtual media will be realized as a means of information and communication one of which is to use a 3D camera. Where this 3D camera is used to facilitate the user in the presentation method, so the user does not use the settings found on the computer, but the user can control the presentation with human body movements, the 3D camera used for this presentation is a 3D camera that functions as a mouse replacement for the controller menu on a computer, capture with regulated movements is body movements such as right hand movements that can control the menus on the computer that you want to present. With the application of a 3D camera as a media presentation can facilitate the user in delivering information using the presentation method. For a distance of 2.8 m touch an object with a touch screen, obtained 80% accuracy. For height with the best accuracy of the touch screen is at 178 cm. As for the height of 185 cm having difficulty reaching the touch screen the application has been determined.