Rancang Bangun Kapal Tanpa Awak Dengan Perilaku Menghindari Rintangan


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One of the means of sea transportation is a ship. The ship is still used as a means of transportation to transport passengers and goods. Based on data from the national transportation safety committee, there were 39 ships that experienced marine accidents in 2017-2018. This is due to various factors, one of which is the captain's fault, weather and damage to the ship's navigation system. One solution to reduce the level of ship accidents is to create a system of unmanned ships. The autopilot ship system is expected to help reduce the accidents, and can assist human work in running ships even without the full use of manpower. Global Positioning System (GPS) that functions as a navigator. The ultrasonic sensor serves as a detector of obstacles that are installed on the front, right and left of the ship so that there is no accident on the ship. The ship was given the right and left of the ship buoy so that the ship can be balanced and not too sinking due to the influence of the ship's material, namely the iron plate. Ultrasonic sensor testing can detect distances up to 100 cm. he left sensor has an error of 2.33%, the front sensor is 3.151% and the right sensor is 3.315, and there is an average error when reading the obstacle is 6.0722%. Tests using a cone-shaped obstacle surface have the biggest error, which is 85.6715%.