Stasiun Pemantau Cuaca Berbasis IOT (Internet Of Things)


  • m.iqbal alyafashi Politeknik Caltex Riau


Monitoring weather conditions is very important  because the weather  could be changes every time. Therefore in this research, an idea of Mini weather station technology emerged that offers many significant benefits for users, while offering challenges for anyone who wants to develop this technology.Miniature design of weather station  aims to create a system for measuring weather conditions using a tool contained in a system, where we can use the data as a determining reference in doing an activity. In this research, a mini weather station was using Wemos D1 mini pro Microcontroller, Tp 4056 module and mini solar panel as a battery charger, Anemometer to measure wind speed with time sending to the application for 1 minute, Rain Gauge to measure rain with time sending to application for 1 hour, BME280 sensor to measure humidity, air pressure and altitude with time sending to the application for 1 minute, and DS18B20 Sensor as a temperature gauge with time sending to application for 1 minute, The average comparison of measurement values of monitoring with  the application AccuWeather, the lowest accuracy 78.38% and the highest 92.58% with the lowest error value of 7.42% and the highest of 21.62%.