Sistem Monitoring KWH (Kilo Watt Hours) Analog Berbasis Internet of Things


  • Feggy Azmi Politeknik Caltex Riau


PT. PLN provides two types of kWh meters, namely analog kWh meters and digital kWh meters as a means of calculating electrical energy usage in a location. Before the digital kWh meter, PLN used an analog kWh meter to find out the amount of electricity needed. It turns out that there are still weaknesses from this kWh meter, which is still using the post-prepaid system, so it is not uncommon to meet customers who are in arrears on electricity bills and feel often disadvantaged by unexpected payments. Therefore, PT. PLN has a solution, namely by using or replacing analog kWh meters and switching using digital kWh meters. PLN makes digital meter kWh with a prepaid system, so customers have to buy special vouchers to use electricity from PLN with a charging system using credit like smartphones and can buy these vouchers anytime and anywhere. If this electricity token system is very helpful for residential homes such as boarding houses, but it is very ineffective if applied to large-power electricity such as companies, factories or large buildings. Then designed a tool that is to monitor digital web-based analog kWh meters to monitor how much power output is generated on a large power analog kWh meter and is equipped with an electric charge calculator using the YHDC SCT-013 current sensor as a detecting current later it will make it easier to see the value of the kWh meter and monitor it remotely. The ease of monitoring the use of the kWh meter is faster and can save time and energy that makes it easy for us to monitor electricity in a location