Rancang Bangun Alat Pengkategorian Beban Kerja Fisik Menggunakan Sensor Heart Rate Berbasis Mikrokontroller


  • rahman efendi Politeknik Caltex Riau


The heart is one of the body's organs that needs to be known about its health condition. Heart disease can be detected early by knowing the heartbeat that occurs in the human body. Sports can strengthen a person's heart and physical body but excessive exercise can worsen a person's health condition which is characterized by fatigue and deteriorating physical performance. Excessive physical activity can also be described as loss of enthusiasm, forced labor, excessive, saturated, and chronic fatigue. So the authors have the idea to design a device using a pulse sensor and Wi-Fi wemos module based on ESP8266 which is used as an internet connection through Wi-Fi networks. fi and displayed using the internet-based blynk application through smartphone devices that were created to be able to calculate smaller-sized heartbeats so that they are easy to carry everywhere so they can measure their heart rate at any time and know the condition of the body after carrying out light, moderate, heavy work, very heavy and extreme weight using the heart rate reading method by a pulse sensor. Voltage affects the performance of the sensor when collecting data and categorizing workloads based on a measured heart rate. The accuracy rate of tools made with manual calculations is 96% while the accuracy rate of tools made with automatic blood pressure monitors is 96.6%.