Sistem Pintar Pada Kaca Mobil dengan Electric Frosted Film (Automation System)


  • Sumanto sumanto Sumanto Politeknik Caltex Riau


Car window film serves to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the car cabin, and as additional accessories on the car. With the existence of new technology, namely: Electric Frosted Film or Smart Glass, which has the ability to change from opaque to clear (clear) when electrified. With the Electric Frosted Film that is designed using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) can provide privacy protection, security protection, and environmental protection. PDLC film is able to withstand 98% UV heat and more than 95% infrared. The study was conducted by designing a prototype car system that is equipped with Arduino Nano along with a voltage sensor and light intensity sensor, in order to adjust to the environment. The output from Arduino will be forwarded to the LM358 operational amplifier and 2N2222 transistor as a 5 volt step-up circuit to 10.4 volts to supply the PDLC film, which is converted from a PWM signal to a variable DC voltage. In this study, PDLC is used to reduce solar heat from 0.07 oC to 5.31 oC when the vehicle is not started.