Sistem Deteksi Gas Amoniak Serta Suhu dan Kelembapan untuk Pencegahan Penyakit Dini pada Ayam Broiler didalam Kandang Berbasis SMS GATEWAY


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Abstract The development of communication technology develops very rapidly. Along with this, human needs for information and communication are increasing. Ammonia gas detection information system and temperature and humidity for early disease prevention in broiler chickens based on sms gateway is a tool that serves to prevent chickens from getting attacked by disease and can monitor the condition of ammonia gas, temperature and humidity in the room that is not good for chickens. This tool is controlled by Arduino Uno-based software and 5-foot Relay as a switch for on and off fans, the fan functions to cool the chicken coop room automatically. The DHT11 sensor detects temperature and humidity in the room, MQ135 sensor detects ammonia gas in the chicken coop room, sensor information will be displayed through the LCD and via the cell phone owner of the chicken farmer in the form of an sms using the wavecome module. When measuring the accuracy of temperature and humidity between the DHT11 sensor and the BNQ thermometer it is 98.69% for temperature, and 83.76%  for humidity. Ammonia gas accuracy measurement between the MQ135 sensor and ammonia hydrion paper, the MQ135 sensor measurement is very because it directly displays in the form of numbers. This tool will live continuously if the current at the PLN does not break and will always provide information in accordance with the specified program.