Rancang Bangun Wireless Power Transfer Menggunakan Royer Oscillator


  • Ravi Ravi Alprian Ravi Alprian


Seeing the development of increasingly advanced technology where there is a method of sending power without cables (wireless power transfer). This can be a reference to be developed so that in the future send power without the help of cables again, making it easier to make efficient power delivery without having to have many cables. In this thesis the researchers carried out a design to deliver voltage using wireless power transfer. The method used in this wireless power transfer system is the resonance frequency using the Royer Oscillator. Where, the high frequency voltage emitted by the transmitter and then with the principle of resonance the emitted voltage can be received by the receiver in the form of the same frequency voltage as the transmitter. In this research, to produce frequency voltages, Royer oscillators are used. This method can be used to conduct wireless power with a transmitter in the form of an oscillator circuit supported by a coil made of copper. . The measurements made are only able to make optimal power delivery with a power delivery distance of 1.5 cm. Various analyzes are carried out that there are several components that affect the amount of output voltage obtained between the component itself and the value of the capacitor used. More or less coil will affect the distance of the power driver without wires. As well as the influence of the capacitance value which will affect the amplitude value of the frequency. Keyword:  :  Wirelees Power Transfer,  Royer Osillator and  coil