Rancang Bangun Sistem Monitoring Dan Pengendalian Perangkat Elektronik Berbasis Android


  • Bobby Prima Tama Politeknik Caltex Riau


Modernization is indeed very influential in people's lives now, with the existence of this modern era everything is always related to technology. Apart from that the use of household appliances and electricity also follows in accordance with existing developments, seen by developments in prepaid electric meters which are all digital. However, with this the community has not been able to control and monitor electricity usage. From the illustration above, the writer found an idea to create an Android-based electronic device monitoring and control system. The tool uses an ESP32 wifi module, ACS712 current sensor, relay and an Android Smartphone. The way this tool works is the ESP32 wifi module measures the incoming current through the ACS712 sensor, after the current is obtained the ESP32 wifi module calculates electricity usage rates to then be displayed to an android smartphone via the blynk application. If an electronic device exceeds the power limit, the electronic device is disconnected through a relay. In this final project, testing the ACS712 current sensor obtained an error of 99.26%.