IoT Based Design and Monitoring System of Chicks Cage


  • Irfan Aldo Politeknik Caltex Riau


Animal husbandry in Indonesia is an entrepreneur who is much cultivated by the community, one of which is chicken farming. In 2017, broiler production reached 1,848.1 tons. This shows that the need for chicken meat is quite large in Indonesia. However, conventionally raising chickens has many problems encountered, such as monitoring temperature in the cage, monitoring humidity in the cage, as well as monitoring in feeding which will spend time and energy to continue to monitor the development of chickens in the cage. By combining an Internet-based monitoring system in a chicken coop, it will be easier for farmers to monitor the condition of chickens in the coop. This Monitoring System is equipped with several sensors namely the DHT11 sensor, the DS18B20 sensor which is used to read the temperature and humidity of the cage and the Servo Motor which is used to control the feeding of chicks. This research uses a methodology with the idea to design and build a tool that can control temperature, humidity and feeding on the IoT (Internet of Things) web-based chicken coop so that later it will be easier for breeders in raising chicks faster and can save time and energy that makes it easier We monitor the chicken coops in a location via an Android smartphone. For room temperature measurements using the DHT11 sensor an accuracy level of 99.65% was obtained, measuring the humidity of the room using the DHT11 sensor obtained an accuracy level of 90.44%, while measuring the room temperature using the DS18B20 sensor obtained an accuracy level of 100%.