Implementation of Altitude Sensors Based on Pressure and Temperature for EDF Rocket Flight using ICBMP085


  • Annisab Ahmad Akram Politeknik Caltex Riau


The EDF rocket is a rocket that uses an Electric Ducted Fan as its mainbooster. There are a series of sensors used as a unit of the rocket so that the rocket can be monitored while in the air. Out of several sensors used, there are height and temperature sensors which are important in seeing the height and temperature parameters of the airborne rocket. Most of the height sensor used is a GPS that receives direct signals from satellites. But there are still many deficiency in conventional GPS one of which is the measurement of altitude which is sometimes an error, the received signal is less or the results are less accurate and others. Therefore, the final project proposed the implementation of height sensors based on pressure and temperature using the BMP 085 module. Basically, this pressure sensor can be used as a height sensor by using an algorithm for calculating the difference in air pressure in the atmosphere against altitude and also as a temperature sensor. So, it is expected that with the development of height sensors using the BMP085 sensor can provide the results of height measurements with an error value of about 0.4 meters, lower than the height sensor in general.