Perancangan Keamanan Pintu Rumah Berbasis Android

Perancangan Keamanan Pintu Rumah Berbasis Android


  • Ria Widani Panggabean Politeknik Caltex Riau


Raspberry is a computer the size of a credit card / ATM, developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation based in the UK. The initial idea of ​​making Raspberry Pi was to provide inexpensive computers for children as their medium for learning computer programming languages. In this research, utilizing Android as other interests such as connecting microcontrollers to Android, controlling external hardware and other applications made by programmer, Switch Button is one of the widgets that functions as a User Interface component, which can be used to dynamically switch a button. Use of a switch is usually used to turn off or turn on the function. For example, turn off and turn on the camera flash, turn off or turn on data packets, and others. This feature can be developed and utilized as a security or external hardware controller. Based on the above problems, the writer wants to use the Switch Button on Android which is designed as a Doorlock Solenoid controller connected to Raspberry Pi 3. This tool will function as a Home Security (home security) so that with the existence of this tool homeowners can lock and open the door using the Switch Button application.