Emergency Button pada Helmet Proyek Berbasis IOT


  • Reza Fahlevi Syahriza Indonesia
  • siska novita posma
  • mohammad yanuar hariyawan


The high number of work accidents in industrial areas and it is difficult to immediately follow up on work accidents or know the position of people who experience work accidents makes the authors come up with ideas to make an Emergency Button on the IOT-Based Project Helmet. Technically, when in an emergency, workers who use an emergency helmet can press the emergency button. When the emergency button is pressed, the microcontroller will respond to the trigger of the button and send a link with the host in the form of an IP from the server computer. The server computer receives emergency data from the emergency helmet, the server computer will display the data to the WEB interface, it is expected that the level of work accident emergency response at a company can be maximized and the death rate at work accidents can be minimized. Results of the Emergency Helmet Based on the layout of the position of the helmet unit and server unit, the distance between the helmet unit and router is ± 5m and ± 6m with a brick wall that limits the factory space and the control room is the server unit position.