Monitoring Vibrasi Pada Electric Motor Menggunakan NodeMCU ESP8266 Dengan Sensor Akselerometer ADXL345


  • Nurya Syafei Student


Maintenance is a must in every company to maintain production and equipment reliability. Functional Maintenance is one of the teams under PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI). Among the tasks of this team is to perform maintenance of pumps and electric motors in the Central Gathering Station (Central Collecting Station) and in the AWT (automatic well test). Among the equipment that needs maintenance is an electric motor. One of the causes of damage to electric motors is vibrations that are outside normal limits. To find an electric motor experiencing vibration use a measuring instrument that is not cheap. The tools available now still use a probe that attaches to the pump body or electric motor. Along with the development of wireless technology at this time, then designed a vibration monitoring tool at the pump and electric motor that can be monitored via mobile phones with Android system. Using the ADXL 345 sensor and NodeMCU ESP8266 controller programmed using software and then attached to an electric motor, the vibrations can be monitored on an android phone connected to wifi. In the experiments that have been carried out by comparing some of the measurement data on the X-axis with the measurement results of the 810 fluke analyzer, the measurement accuracy is 67%.     Keywords: Vibration, Arduino uno microcontroller, ADXL345 sensor, ESP8266, blynk android