Design an experimental tool for centrifugal pump performance


  • hidayatullah hidayatullah Politeknik Caltex Riau


Experimental pump testing of laboratory-scale centrifugal pump performance will use the help of HM 150 machine Centrifugal pump used to vary the discharged and head  with the specifications of each discharge are 24 liters / minute and 18 liters / minute. Fluid flow is monitored using a pressure gauge. The reservoir used has a volume of 12.56 liters. Pipes and pipe fittings used have a size of 1 inch and have a pipe relative roughness value (ε) 0.0000015 m. The size of the outlet pipe are 1 inch and 3/4 inch. The valve used is a type of ball valve. This tool is made to see the characteristics of single, series, and parallel arrangement pumps. The way this tool works is by updating motor 1 or motor 2 or both, according to the needs of the package that is used together with the valves in accordance with the desired arrangement. From the test results obtained the greatest efficiency at 1 inch pipe output obtained in the pump circuit pump single arrangement 1 at valve opening ¼ by 99%, while at pipe output ¾ inch the largest value at valve openings ¼ series arrangement is 99%.