Studi Analitis Limbah Sawit Menjadi Graphene Oxide


  • andini chairani putri politeknik caltex riau


An analytical study of processing palm oil waste into graphene oxide was carried out by synthesizing graphene by the graphite oxide reduction method by modifying the Hummer method. Synthesis of Graphene Oxide and graphite raw material whose graphite is made from palm oil waste, namely palm shells, palm leaves, and palm fronds. The graphite drying process will be carried out using a Furnace machine found in the material testing lab with temperature variations of 150 ° C, 200 ° C and 250 ° C. Graphite Oxide formed will be reacted with redox reaction by mixing Zn element to form Graphene Oxide. The graphene formed will then be tested with X-ray Diffraction (X-Rd), and Scanning Electrone Microscope (SEM) found in the ITS Materials and Metallurgy Engineering Laboratory.