The Effect of the Angle of the Knife on the Shredding Result of the Chopping Machine


  • LEO CRISTO Mahasiswa


Indonesia is a country known for being the world's largest producer of palm oil. One of the byproducts of oil palm plantations that have not been used optimally is palm frond waste. The main obstacle in the use of palm fronds is their hard physical nature so that they cannot be directly used for animal feed, so technology is needed to process palm fronds so that they can be used for animal feed, one of which is chopping technology. The palm frond chopper which will be made using the main mover, namely a 22 Hp Diesel engine, 60 blade exhaust angle, 00,50,100 cutting blade angle, the blade cutting system used is parallel to the axis of the shaft so that the chopping results obtained can be smoother, the purpose of making this machine in order to produce finely chopped results so that it is suitable for livestock consumption. Palm fronds that can be chopped with this machine are only the fronds with green leaves because the leaves are still softer and are good for livestock consumption. In this Palm Frond Chopping Machine, a research was conducted, namely the effect of the angle of the cut knife on the chopping results on the Palm Frond Chopping Machine. The purpose of this study was to determine the ideal cutting angle on the palm frond chopping machine. After testing using 3 cutting angles, the most effective chopping result is 5 degrees and the smoothness results are at an angle of 100, while the capacity of this machine is 350 kgâ„hr per hour.   Keywords: Palm fronds, palm fronds chopping machine, chopping knife, cutting knife angle.