Sistem Pendeteksi Jumlah Orang dalam Sebuah Ruangan Menggunakan Raspberry pi Secara Real Time


  • Irsyad Irfansyah Desman Mahasiswa PCR


Lack of control can cause a lack of security, so solutions are needed to reduce these actions. One of the places that need to be improved is in the room control, where intruders often occur in a room. For example in closed press conversions, classrooms, or even closed meeting rooms. So a better monitoring technology is needed. This security system is expected to improve control. This system uses Raspberry Pi 3 as a microcontroller. USB camera as input that is connected to the microcontroller. Python programming language and OpenCV library as image processing. On this system Remote Desktop Connection is used to monitor the result. The results of testing the detection of the number of people can detect faces and count the number of faces detected, only if the face is clearly seen by the camera. Where the detection results are greatly influenced by distance, light and face direction. The detection accuracy of the instrument is quite accurate if the face is clearly visible, that is, less than 3 meters in bright conditions and the direction of the face facing the camera. In this tool there is no delay in detection except using Remote Desktop Connection which is affected by network connections.