Coconut Grater Machine


  • Muhammad Syahputra Syahputra politeknik caltex riau


Coconut is one of the important raw materials for making dishes or food. Before being processed into coconut milk, coconut is usually shredded first. At this time the coconut is shredded using conventional machines which are prone to work injury and require a lot of effort for the operator. To facilitate the work of grating coconut, a semi-automatic coconut grater machine was designed. The working principle of the coconut grater machine that is designed  the coconut which is split and then gripped on the vise, then the vise supports it towards the blade. Increase the rating so that the coconut flesh is in contact with the tip of the knife blade and the vise is turned until the coconut meat is evenly grated. The whole process uses a manual grating machine. This semi-automatic coconut grater machine uses an AC motor with a rotation of 1400 rpm to drive the blade with a grinding capacity of 30 coconuts for one hour. And to move the six types of blades, namely two fine and coarse blades, three fine coarse blades, and four fine and coarse blades alternately and each blade was tested by grating one coconut for 20 seconds. The vibrations that occur during the test are measured using a vibration meter on the X, Y and Z axes on the coconut grater machine and also on the AC motor. From the test results of the six blades, the best grater results were obtained, namely the four fine blades.   Key words: coconut, AC motor, blade, grip.