Sistem Monitoring Ketinggian Air


  • Mohd Hade Ikhsan PCR


At this time the field of electronics is progressing very rapidly and not letting go of the field of computerization, computers have now become the main tools for humans and are used not only to solve problems at work, create programs or play games, but can be used as a tool for program the microcontroller so that it can run according to its function. Therefore made a water level monitoring tool. This tool can fill automatically, the ultrasonic sensor functions to measure the water level, the relay as a switch and the solenoid valve to open the water channel. The ultrasonic sensor has an error value, from the measurement results the greatest error value comes from the ultrasonic sensor in container 2, which is 38.6%. The relay runs normally in accordance with the orders that have been made. And the solenoid will open up and close if it reaches the specified limit