Motor DC, Penyearah tak terkenda Rancang Bangun Rangkaian Penyearah Tak Terkendali untuk Pengaturan Kecepatan Motor DC


  • Mhd Pinto Nurhadi Politeknik Caltex Riau


Dc motors are widely used in industry for equipment that requires precision and speed regulation. In this DC motor speed regulation is done in 2 ways, namely adjusting the voltage in the armature winding and the voltage in the field winding. In this final project, the speed regulation is carried out in the field winding of the DC motor separately. Speed ​​regulation is done by uncontrolled rectifier. The uncontrolled rectifier is made by using a diode rectifier with a switching technique. This switching technique rectifier is used to provide voltage to the field winding of a separate reinforced DC motor. The voltage applied to the field winding is fixed or unchanged. In this final project, testing was carried out by adjusting the field winding voltage value to see the effect on the DC motor. The output of the rectifier is 200 Vdc according to the nominal voltage of the dc motor used. And the speed setting on the field winding is not recommended because it can cause the DC motor to over speed.