Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Video Web Conference Menggunakan WebRTC Pada Website radio.pcr.ac.id


  • Miftakul Janah Student


Radio is a medium for information and entertainment based on audio (voice) which has developed into a live streaming radio and can be accessed via a computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Through WebRTC, especially on the radio.pcr.ac.id website will be created a new inovation that supports real-time communication with the aim that broadcasters and resource persons can broadcast live without the need to attend a radio studio. QoS testing is using the Wiresharkk application by analyzing delay, throughput and packet loss. The QoS test during the video conference was carried out 10 times for 10 minutes in each experiment by comparing 2 different networks between the PCR network and the GSM network. Based on the test results using the PCR network, the average delay value obtained is 5.72 (ms), throughput 888 (Kb / s) and packet loss is 0%. Meanwhile, when testing using the GSMnetwork, the average delay value is 6.01 (ms), throughput is 799 (Kb / s) and packet loss is 0.007%. Thus, based on the standardization of the average QoS value according to the Telecommuniactions and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (TIPHON) table, it shows that video conference communication using WebRTC on the PCR network is in the very good category and is better than when using a GSM network. Keywords: WebRTC, video conference, Qos, Wireshark, radio streaming.