Sistem Monitoring Besaran Listrik Pada Pembangkit Tenaga Surya


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Solar cell is a device that can convert sunlight into electrical energy. This solar cell produces energy in the form of DC and is converted into AC using an inverter. In solar cells, there is a monitoring system for electrical quantities that can display the amount of voltage, current, power, frequency and cosh phi produced, but there are still shortcomings, namely the absence of notifications and interference on the solar panel. The method used in the making of this final project is a reading of electrical quantities through the wondareware intouch application. The results to be achieved are that the wondareware application system is expected to make it easier to monitor electrical quantities as well as make activities easier and find out the load usage by measurement and calculation. In this final project, a test was carried out which compared the perpendicular solar cell to the solar cell following the sun. As for the results of this test, when the solar cell follows the sun, the resulting average value is greater than the perpendicular solar cell where the average V value of the solar cell is 53.268 while the solar cell follows the sun by 57.05 and with an average value of The average Batt solar cell is perpendicular to 27.71 and while the solar cell follows the sun 28.17 where from these data the greater the solar energy / radiation, the more the voltage value produced by the solar cell.