Sistem Monitoring Besaran Fundamental Pada Motor Induksi 3 Phasa Berbasis Wonderware


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Three-phase induction motors are one of the most widely used electric machines in the industrial world. according to its role and function, at the 3 phase induction motor already has a safety system on the load, but there is no monitoring system on the induction motor, in my research entitled monitoring the fundamental quantity of a wonderware-based 3-phase electric motor, this research project contains about how to monitor the fundamental magnitude of a 3 phase electric motor. In this final project using real time monitoring using the Scada application, namely Wonderware in Touch. When the motor starts, the average voltage of the net phase is 220.6, the average current of the induction motor is 1.1A, the cosphi is 0.8, the frequency is as large as 50.03 and the power of the induction electric motor on the star connection is 846.98W while the delta connection is 1210.2W