Sistem Pengukuran Busbar Utama 400 A Pada Beban Motor Induksi 3 Phasa


  • Vena Elva Yeti Politeknik Caltex Riau


The electrical panel will basically use a measurement system to determine the massive value of the electricity flowing on the panel. So that voltage, current, frequency, power, and cosphi can be measured so as not to pass through its standard values or other problems that may damage the tool. Therefore, in this final project will be made the main busbar measurement system 400 A on the load of electric motor 3 phasa where the tool uses 4 measuring instruments namely amperemeter, voltmeter, cosphimeter, and frequencymeter. The measuring instrument will be active and display its own magnitude value when the input flow has entered. It also uses switches on amperemeters and voltmeters as phasa selectors that will want to know the value of the magnitude of each phasanya. In addition, the tool also uses arduino as the expected interface when the tool is active, so users can also monitor the value of each measuring instrument from the computer. For its measurement, the system interface using arduino uses pzem 004t sensor where in the sensor module there are already directly there are several parameters, such as current, voltage, frequency, power, and cosphi. So this sensor module can make it easier to perform value readings on the main busbar meter measurement system by using a 3 phasa motor load.