Rancang Bangun Sistem Monitoring Power Quality Berbasis Scada Pada Generator Sinkron 3 Fasa


  • Teguh Sandro Yatana Saputra Mhs


The difficulty of engineers in monitoring the performance of a synchronous generator in a manufacture is the main thing that occurs at this time, because the condition of the large factory with the locations of the motors is very far away, monitoring synchronous generators and power quality using SCADA-based Node-RED software is one a solution that can facilitate monitoring of 3-phase synchronous generator and provide actual data on changes in power quality so that it can be maintained so that power quality remains good. To process the monitoring of a power plant, an electronic interface device is needed. This device is part of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. SCADA usually consists of a Master Terminal Unit (MTU), which can monitor the performance of the generator itself. This report presents a prototype design for monitoring and measuring the electrical quantity of a SCADA-based synchronous generator using Node-RED and Raspberry Pi as the brain to monitor and measure the amount of electricity from a generator using an energy meter measuring device, gae EMG 25, where this tool works. using RS485 communication with the Modbus RTU library which is plugged directly into the USB serial port of the Raspberry Pi. The results obtained in this final report show that the induction motor speed of 1505RPM requires a frequency of 50.1Hz and a 1-phase voltage of 228V with a 3-phase voltage of 390V.