Sistem Proteksi Pada Busbar Jaringan Tegangan Rendah Tiga Fasa Untuk Beban Motor Induksi


  • rianto ari tonang politeknik caltex riau


There are disturbances that occur in induction motors, measuring instruments and disturbances in the distribution of voltage, so this project is designed to secure disturbances in the induction motor from overvoltage, voltage drop, overcurrent, disturbances in measuring instruments and voltage distribution disturbances. The method used in this final project is a protection system using over voltage relay, under voltage relay, over current relay, potential transformer and mccb on a three-phase low voltage network and monitoring the main busbar using wonderware intouch via ethernet. The results to be obtained from this protection system are to prevent more disturbance or damage to the three-phase low-voltage network busbar for induction motor loads, ensure the supply of power units from the main busbar to the load on the three-phase low voltage network, and make it easier to control the distribution system. electrical power. The test results obtained on the over voltage relay (OVR) with a 418V setting and work or trip when a 418,1V voltage is applied with a comparison of the digital mulltimeter measurement results with the monitoring results on the laptop, the percent error is 0,76% while the under voltage relay is set 361V and trips when a voltage of 360,9V is applied so that it secures the induction motor from voltage drop disturbances with the comparison obtained in multimeter measurements with laptop monitoring, the percent error is 0,3%. Keywords: Protection System, OCR, U / OVR, Arduino Mega 2560 and Wonderware inTouch.