• Sandi Irawan Irawan Mahasiswa


Abstract Banana stems are an underutilized part of the banana tree. The processing of banana stems as a natural textile material (banana stem fiber yarn) is expected to be a breakthrough in the utilization of banana stems which are not used as an economic added value. The expected results are in the form of clean fibers, this machine for making yarn from banana stalks uses a 4 HP AC motor with a rotation of 1420 rpm as the main engine of the engine with a rotation ratio of 1: 2. The size of the shrink is 250 mm in diameter with the length and width of the plate that is in the same direction as the axle axis of 400 x 70 mm. The size of the frame of this banana stem fiber shrink machine is made using angle iron measuring 30 x 30 x 3 mm. The dimensions of this machine are 560 mm wide, 700 mm long, 900 mm high. The limitation of the problem in this final project is that the shaved banana stems must be old banana stems, the shredding process of banana stems can only be done in one piece (partially) in one process. After testing using 3 different motor speed variations, the results show that the best motor speed is the maximum speed without the withdrawal process, which is 1400 Rpm with the resulting productivity of 32 kg / hour, while the best result is at 1400 speed. Rpm and 1000 Rpm with withdrawals, the average percentage of ingestion is 53%.   Key words: Machine for making yarn from banana stalks, banana stems