Sistem Pengontrolan Starting Y-Δ Motor Induksi 3 Fasa Secara Otomatis Berbasis Arduino


  • riki hardiyanto Politeknik Caltex Riau


The use of a 3 phase induction motor in the industrial world is very much needed where the use of a 3 phase induction motor is as a driving force. The problem with using a 3-phase induction motor is when it starts. This is because the current when starting on an induction motor is large, reaching 13 to 15 times the nominal current. To overcome the very large starting current of an induction motor, a starter is needed which can reduce the starting current and does not interfere with the motor circuit. In this final project designed a 3 phase induction motor starter with the Y-Δ starting method. Which, when compared with the use of Direct On Line starting, Y-Δ starting has the advantage of a smaller starting current than the Direct On Line starting current. The comparison with these two methods is 1 to 2.88, in theory the ratio is 1 to 3. The recommended displacement in Starting Y-Δ is when the motor current in the Y connection is stable, then it can be transferred to the Δ connection. In automatic control based on Arduino Mega 2560, it is set with a Y-perpindahan shift delay for 4 seconds. In controlling an induction motor, a protection system and a monitoring system are needed, which in this final project the protection and monitoring system uses a microcontroller. The protection systems made are Over Current, Under Voltage, and Over Volatge. Meanwhile, monitoring that is made is monitoring the current, voltage and frequency.