Analisa Sudut Kemiringan Cetakan Alat Press Cup Aluminium Pada Kerja Hot Deep Drawing


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The press drawing machine is a tool for making cups from aluminum which has the potential to be used as a storage area for materials, food and hand washing containers. In the planning of this deep drawing press machine, it starts from the calculation of the drawing compressive force, the magnitude of the blank holder control force, the magnitude of the friction force in this study using the angle on the die, namely 300, 400, 500 with a plate thickness of 1mm and where the aluminum plate used for printing is 22 cm, 23cm, 24cm. printing is used with the same pressure of 20 bar. From several coabaans, the best results are obtained at a diameter of 23 cm and a height of 1.8 cm with a die angle of 400. While for a plate with a thickness of 0.5 mm the results are obtained good pressing at an angle of 500 with a diameter of 23cm with a height of 2.5 cm   Key words: Power pack hydraulic, aluminum plate, punch and die, given heat treatment on aluminum plate 100oc - 200oc