Alat Eksperimental Kecepatan aliran dalam Pipa Model Vertikal


  • cantike flowery teknik mesin


The experimental flow in the pipe is operated using a submersible pump to channel water from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir. This tool serves to see the types of fluid flow characteristics, such as laminar, turbulence, and transitions. To display the type of flow in this experimental test equipment using ink media. the type of fluid flow will be seen in the main pipe with a diameter of 19mm. The main pipe in this tool uses an acrylic type pipe. The way this tool works is to insert ink into the main pipe using a syringe and adjust the water discharge on the main pipe valve. At the time of data collection, 3 types of ink were used which had different density values. The flow rate in this tool is measured by accommodating the volume of water using a measuring cup and calculating the time needed with a stopwatch. The Reynolds number at the time of laminar flow is 570,49, and at the time of turbulence it is 4754,02.   Key words: Submersible Pump, Reynolds number, discharge, fluid