Sistem Pemungutan Retribusi Sampah Menggunakan RFID


  • Nabila Aulia Ramadhani Mahasiswa


Pekanbaru Population Growth Rate (LPP) continues to increase. As the population increases, problems related to waste arise, among them is collecting waste retribution. Every year, the results of collecting waste retribution in Pekanbaru are decreasing. Referring to the existing problems, in this final project the writer offers a solution by creating a garbage collection system where an RFID card is installed in each customer's house. This RFID card contains information and subscription status. The officer appointed by DLHK is equipped with a device that functions as an RFID reader, to detect subscription status. Customers can top up balance using 2 methods, cash top up using RFID reader and cashless top up through a website built using CodeIgniter framework with PHP programming language and MySQL database. The results obtained from testing this system obtained the maximum detection distance of reading the RFID reader is 4.5 cm, and the performance of website has a good and fast loaded time, 2.34 seconds. The results of system assessment obtained by usability testing showed 55.55% of respondents considered strongly agreeing and 44.44% others agreed that system had provided effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in using it.