Monitoring System for Potential Customers at ULP Renko Using RFID based IOT


  • Ade Kurniawan PCR


PLN's electricity consumption is recorded through the kWh meter. Potential customers, namely customers with a power of ≥ 53 kVA, are given a special box for storage of their kWh meter. The box lock that is used today has a weakness in terms of security, which is easy to open by unauthorized people. Researchers create keys that have a better security system. This system can monitor officers who access the box. The system uses IoT to help officers who forget to bring a card. Based on the research results, the measured voltage when the appliance operates (the door is open) on the RFID Reader is 5.07 V, on the Magnetic Sensor 3.16 V, on the solenoid lock 12.04 V, on the RTC Module 5.16 V. When the door is closed the rated voltage on the RFID Reader is 5.05 V, Magnetic Sensor 0 V, on the 11.90 V solenoid lock, the RFID Reader can read the card with 100% success. Solenoid lock can work with 100% success. When the tool is operating, the time delay is set to ± 5 seconds. When the door is not opened (sensor remains attached) and the door will close automatically again. The accuracy of the reading of the RTC module is in accordance with its function, namely reading the Real Time when the clerk accesses the customer's box. The accuracy of data storage on the SD Card is in accordance with its function, namely writing and storing data in the format of the month, date, year, time and name of the officer accessing the customer box.   Keywords : Keys, RFID, IoT