Journal Design and Build a Picohydro Power Plant Crossflow Turbine Using PCR Sewer Flow

Picohydro Power Crossflow Turbine


  • johannes nadapdap indonesia


potential energy utilization of water, turbine specifications


Abstract Along with the times, the need for electrical energy and science is increasing. Nowadays, especially in the energy sector, people are trying to develop and increase productivity in the field of electrical energy. Basically humans need electrical energy so that they can help in lighting and lighten the work by using electronic devices. To meet these needs, a device that utilizes the flow of water to generate electricity is designed, namely a crossflow turbine for a picohydro power plant to utilize the PCR sewer flow. The PCR gutter flow has a water discharge of 19 L/s and a water drop height of 1.1 meters. After getting the discharge and water drop height, the turbine specifications are obtained, namely the outer diameter of the turbine is 0.53 m, the inner diameter of the turbine is 0.35 m, the number of blades is 18 blades, and the blade width is 0.18 m. After testing the crossflow turbine, the power was 300 watts using 11 lamps with a voltage of 195,8 volts.   Keywords: potential energy utilization of water, turbine specifications, and test data


Dwi Irawan