A Sistem Pendeteksi Gangguan Kubikel 20 kV di UP3 Dumai Berbasis Internet of Things


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Iot, DHt11, korona


PT PLN (Persero) UP3 Dumai is a company engaged in the distribution of electrical energy. In the electrical component, there are 20 kV cubicle panels spread out whose function is to measure and share electrical energy so that distribution to customers is not disrupted. Of course, for tools that operate 24 hours, periodic monitoring and maintenance must be carried out so that the components are not damaged. However, with the large number of cubicles, monitoring will not run optimally, with the development of communication technology, it is expected to facilitate cubicle monitoring activities to prevent material damage from occurring. The design of a system to detect corona or flash disturbances in 20 kV cubicles, contains a sound sensor that detects a swishing sound in the light sensor cubicle that detects flashes of light and dht 11 which detects humidity and temperature that is connected to the android application system so that we can monitor it with easy wherever we are. This tool can detect corona symptoms with 100% accuracy on the cubicle panel and can provide savings of 4,353 kWH or Rp. 5,053,461 and the continuity of distribution of electrical energy to customers is maintained.